Powering Communities.
Strengthening People.

Helping to bring new infrastructure, power supply and technical capacity to Indigenous communities is an exciting challenge for our GRIDLINK team.

Our work is about more than just poles, wires and transmission lines. It is about working to together with Indigenous people to transform communities for the long-term.

At GRIDLINK, we provide infrastructure development that brings social, economic and environmental value to communities. Our goal is to support industry, community and people equally with relationships built on trust and respect.


Indigenous -
GRIDLINK Partnerships

At GRIDLINK we build strong and transformational relationships to help Indigenous communities build capacity and sustainability.

We partner on projects that help to reduce the reliance on diesel fuel, and particularly in remote communities, to facilitate a more affordable and clean energy supply into rural and remote areas.

We also partner to upgrade and service existing infrastructure, provide local training and capacity building opportunities, and promote careers in the utility infrastructure sector.

Our philosophy of fair partnerships is built on agreements that achieve five key goals:

1. Joint Ventures & Revenue Sharing

2. Training, Apprenticeships & Accreditation

3. Employment & Career Opportunities

4. Investment in Education Scholarships

5. Supporting Community Culture & Teachings


GRIDLINK has a solid history of building meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities. Just some of our experience includes career fairs, training programs and local employment to facilitate the building of transmission and distribution lines, hydro plant substations, emergency electrification and repairs.