For over 20 years, our experience and expertise, coupled with our training, safety record and impeccable reputation makes GRIDLINK a leader in cathodic protection system installation. Our skillful installation and construction crews have a vast knowledge of cathodic protection systems and installation techniques, giving clients the superior quality of work, they expect from us, no matter what the installation challenges.

Rock Boring

With numerous drill rigs, GRIDLINK is effectively able to install anodes and DC pole lines in solid bedrock. Drills are capable of diameters from 12” to 36” and to a depth of 13’.


Daylighting and Hydro Vac Excavation

With a diverse range of vehicles and unmatched expertise, GRIDLINK delivers safer, cleaner, more precise daylighting and hydro excavation (hydrovac) for your excavation needs.

It takes more to achieve great excavation solutions. Our world-class Hydro Excavation services utilize industry-leading hydro-vacs, an expert team of certified personnel, a turnkey infrastructure, and an eye for innovation to manage and execute every phase of excavation, transportation and disposal.

Cathodic Protection

We provide the full suite of cathodic protection services needed to ensure that pipelines are protected and remain fit for service. Our industry-leading team of NACE-trained experts will ensure safety and quality service delivery throughout every stage of a project. In addition, GRIDLINK has installed scores of rectifiers, our installation team are experts. They install these electrical components safety, neatly, quickly and in compliance with local electrical codes and regulations.

Right-of-way Maintenance

GRIDLINK’s right-of-way clearance programs are designed and carefully monitored to obtain the right results, with minimum risk to the environment. This approach adds value and allows utility customers to operate more cost effectively.

GRIDLINK’s services include everything from pipeline, distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to utility forestry consulting services and custom herbicide applications, by licensed operators. GRIDLINK’s experts provide the maintenance of right-of-way corridors by manual, mechanical and/or herbicide management methods. In addition, GRIDLINK constructs access roads, temporary and permanent bridges in the most sensitive environmental locations.