At GRIDLINK, we understand that demands on the power industry are constant. That’s why we work tirelessly to deliver on-time, quality projects that keep the power flowing and the lights on. GRIDLINK has almost 25 years experience working on a range of overhead, underground, distribution, substation, and transmission projects.

Every year, we help construct numerous kilometres of power lines across the region, while keeping dozens of workers safe.

Our commitment to safety is matched only by our commitment to performance. Our precision project management and EPC delivery services create efficiencies that drive real value for our customers.

From medium- and high-voltage substation design and high voltage transmission to low-voltage distribution and renewable energy projects, our people have the skills to bring your projects from planning to completion.

Emergency and Outage Response

When disasters strike, we spring into action, working safely and swiftly to restore power to those who need it, with a large fleet of vehicles and equipment and dozens of workers ready to respond at a moment’s notice. GRIDLINK has responded to some of the continent’s largest disasters including Hurricanes Irene and Sandy in the United States.

Years of experience have taught us that when it comes to emergency response, one thing is clear: there is a significant difference between reacting and responding. Reactors operate in the moment. Responders perform through organization, communication, and lessons learned.
GRIDLINK responds.


Having built 100’s of kilometres of distribution lines that connect communities, homes, businesses and industries to the power they need, our distribution work touches nearly every corner of the region. GRIDLINK provides construction, engineering and maintenance services on energized, de-energized, overhead, and underground distribution facilities for a wide variety of utility, industrial and municipal customers.

We rely on cutting-edge techniques, expertly trained people and the most advanced equipment in the industry to achieve our customers’ objectives. Every distribution project we undertake is executed with careful planning, safe execution, precise project management, and the highest levels of quality and performance.


At GRIDLINK we understand what it takes to make a project successful. Experience allows us to find innovative approaches and provide planning and cost-effective solutions to complex transmission projects. We have developed strategic relationships with our customers to provide added value to their portfolio of work.

We have installed and maintained transmission lines in even the most challenging terrains and circumstances.

With specialized equipment, state-of-the-art technology and energized services, we offer solutions to address the unique needs of utilities.

  • Overhead & Underground
  • Line Relocations
  • Reconductoring
  • Pole & Tower Erection
  • OPGW Installation
  • Energized Services

Dry Ice Blasting

GRIDLINK’s proprietary energized dry ice (CO2) technology ensures that crews can safely clean equipment operating at distribution and transmission voltages up to 230kV.  Our technology can also ensure pad mounted transformers, switchgear and substations are cleaned without removing the equipment from service.

GRIDLINK was the recipient of the Northwestern Ontario Innovation Award in 2017 as a result of the advancement in technology in this field.


GRIDLINK’s FLIR thermal cameras find anomalies before costly failures impact your service. For power generation, transmission and distribution, infrared thermography has become the core of utility predictive maintenance around the world. Ask us how.


Live Line

GRIDLINK is doing its job best when customers are unaffected while we are working on their high-voltage lines. That’s why we have invested in the training, certification and specialized equipment necessary to safely and efficiently maintain and repair critical high-voltage lines up to 230kV, which could be difficult to take out of service.

Our energized live line capabilities include:

  • Rubber glove work
  • Hot sticking
  • Mechanical arms to rebuild and make change-outs on energized lines

Right-of-way Maintenance

GRIDLINK’s right-of-way clearing programs are designed and carefully monitored to obtain the right results, with minimum risk to the environment. This approach adds value and allows utility customers to operate more cost effectively.

GRIDLINK’s services include everything from pipeline, distribution and transmission right-of-way clearance to utility forestry consulting services and custom herbicide applications. GRIDLINK’s experts provide the maintenance of right-of-way corridors by manual, mechanical and/or herbicide management methods.

In addition, GRIDLINK constructs access roads, temporary and permanent bridges in the most sensitive environmental locations.

Rock Boring

With numerous drill rigs, GRIDLINK is effectively able bore holes in solid bedrock. Drills are capable of diameters from 12” to 36” and to a depth of 13’.