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Power Line Services

Outages are undesirable and costly. GRIDLINK is a trusted name to clients like Hydro One, Ontario Power Generation and Thunder Bay Hydro, offering safe, high-end expertise in power line maintenance, installation, and “live-line” work.

Our Expertise in Power Line Services

Why blast when we can bore? Ranging from 12”-22” diameter and a 12’ depth, our rock boring equipment allows utility pole installation in bedrock at a fraction of the cost of rock mounting or blasting.


Just say where. No terrain is inaccessible, no environment is too sensitive for our horizontal directional drill team to use their integrity and state-of-the-art equipment to get the results you need and the job done right.

Our Dry Ice technology ensures our crews can safely clean energized equipment operating at distribution and transmission voltages up to 230KV.  Our technology can even ensure pad mounted and substations are cleaned without removing the equipment from service.

GRIDLINK Dry Ice Blasting

Wherever you need us, there we are. From the Canadian Arctic to the Caribbean, access can be a challenge for remote locations to get people, materials and equipment in. GRIDLINK has a proven system of packaging equipment, procuring onsite assistance and securing transportation allowing our crews to mobilize to almost any location. GRIDLINK maintains a large stock of items associated with power restoration, reducing the delays caused by ordering materials.
Capital projects require advanced planning to facilitate ice road delivery, ice road construction, barge, and airfreight services. Contact us. With the right planning, we can get there.

Our thermal cameras are here to find anomalies before costly failures impact your service. For power generation, transmission and distribution,. Infrared thermography has become the core of utility predictive maintenance around the world.


Sometimes sensitivity is required. If your utility is located in a municipal right-of-way, our hydrovac system let’s us do excavation and drilling without damaging existing fibre optic, gas and energized power lines.

We work smarter and safer. Designed and manufactured by Live Line Solutions, our robotic arm makes rubber glove and hotstick tasks safe, secure and efficient by moving multiple conductors at the same time.

Service uninterrupted. Need to check the integrity of the insulating oil or PCB content? We can usually obtain oil samples without interrupting the power supply.

We do data. As a value added service, depending on your requirements, we can obtain:

  • Infrared Imaging/Thermography
  • GIS Data Collection
  • Clearance Measurements
  • ROW Encroachments
  • Visual Inspection
  • Equipment Configuration Inspections
  • Storm Damage Inspections & Evaluation
  • Manhole/Vault Inspections