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Railway Services

We go where you are. From bucket trucks to digger derricks and backhoes GRIDLINK’s full suite of Hy-Rail equipment meets the needs of the Canadian National Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway and other major clients.

Our Expertise in Railway Services

Why blast when we can bore? Ranging from 12”-22” diameter and a 12’ depth, our rock boring equipment allows utility pole installation in bedrock at a fraction of the cost of rock mounting or blasting.


Just say where. No terrain is inaccessible, no environment is too sensitive for our horizontal directional drill team to use their integrity and state-of-the-art equipment to get the results you need and the job done right.

Our thermal cameras are here to find anomalies before costly failures impact your service. For power generation, transmission and distribution,. Infrared thermography has become the core of utility predictive maintenance around the world.


Sometimes sensitivity is required. If your utility is located in a municipal right-of-way, our hydrovac system let’s us do excavation and drilling without damaging existing fibre optic, gas and energized power lines.

Innovation at work. We’ve retrofitted bucket trucks, digger derricks and backhoes with Hy-Rail equipment to access railways and meet the growing demands of our clients.


GRIDLINK’s Signal Division employs full time maintainers who are able to remove their own track protection and work closely with Canadian Pacific Railway to ensure equipment is maintained properly and safely operating .

Our communications / emergency response methods have put us ahead of the competition. Whether is electrical related, train derailments , signals or civil issues we are at the top of the list for emergency response.

GRIDLINK’s Track Maintenance performance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Culvert replacement
  • Rail road tie replacement
  • Track panel replacement
  • Crossing change outs
  • Ditching
  • Snow removal
  • BTMF Trucks
  • Railavator
  • Hytracker
  • Numerous pick up trucks