For years, GRIDLINK has offered our construction industry customers consistent, responsive and high-value services. That’s why customers come back to us again and again with their repair and customization needs. Providing timely, expert repairs by our trained technicians, we do everything we can to keep your business up and running. At GRIDLINK, we know that uptime matters.

Give us a call – we want to help.

Heavy Equipment Service, Maintenance and Repair

GRIDLINK’s mechanical team specializes in repairing and maintaining the heavy equipment your project needs. Our MTO certified facility allows us to safety any type of vehicle. With extensive experience in earthmoving and civil construction equipment, we can get machines operational quickly and cost-effectively. When the job is more challenging and needs in-shop work, GRIDLINK can provide float transportation as needed.

GRIDLINK has a particular skill set (and training) in the following unique equipment:

  • Bucket and boom trucks
  • Cranes
  • Hy rail equipment
  • Morooka and Nodwell style track machines
  • Excavator undercarriage rebuilds
  • Complete hydraulic repairs
  • MTO safety inspections
  • Highway truck repairs
  • Air conditioning repairs

Mobile Mechanic Services

When mechanical problems happen in the field, GRIDLINK can respond immediately. Our Service Truck has the tools and parts that are typically required to go from problem to solution onsite.  We also have a fleet of access equipment that can get our team to places that other teams can’t reach. If you need assistance, we’re here to help.

Non-Destructive Testing

GRIDLINK can help you ensure the reliability and safety of your equipment or assets with our world-class services in non-destructive testing (NDT). GRIDLINK offers non-destructive testing which ensures that the condition of equipment is where it needs to be at all times. Our inspection services include field engineer stamped documentation and the highest standards of compliance. We use a wide range of calibrated testing equipment, to ensure a maximum quality and accurate results. Our capabilities can be performed on-site or in-house.

Fabrication and Welding Services

GRIDLINK’s welding & fabrication offers innovation, creativity and money-saving solutions for our clients. We have built our business on our technical expertise, diverse skills, trust and continued relationships for more than 20 years. We tailor our services to meet our clients’ objectives and back it up with a focus on results.

Our fabrication facility is complete to handle any size job. We also travel to custom build onsite. We are committed to the highest quality work, on time and to your satisfaction. Let us provide a competitive quote for your project.

Dielectric Testing

GRIDLINK provides annual dielectric testing and inspections at your site or at our location in Thunder Bay, ON by a well-equipped Certified Mechanic with experience in structural inspections and dielectric testing. Properly maintained and tested aerial devices are essential to the safe and economical operation of a fleet. Operators and their co-workers rely on the aerial devices and digger derricks to perform structurally, mechanically, functionally and dielectrically as intended.

Dielectric testing confirms the dielectric integrity of various apparatus. Many tests are conducted by applying a voltage across the “insulator” portion of the apparatus while measuring the resultant leakage current.

GRIDLINK dielectrically tests the following:

  • Insulated Ariel Devices and Digger Derricks (RBD’s)
  • Live Line Tools (Hotsticks)
  • Rigid Cover-up
  • Bucket Liners and Jibs
  • Pole Guard